Brian Austin Green


  1. James Franco, 127 Hours, 2010.      TV stud Luke Perry enjoyed setting up films  for his pals – old castmates from  Beverly Hills 90210. After making a TV Western, Goodnight For Justice, with Jason Priestley, the next idea was Brian  for adventurer Aron Ralston’s five-day battle for life when  trapped by a boulder in a Utah canyon.  “I tried to acquire the rights to that story,” said Perry, “I thought Brian would be great in that part, but Danny Boyle got it.”
  2. Ryan Reynolds, Green Lantern, 2010.     Probably the sole contender who was an life long fan of the DC comic hero (well, he was a Green, too), Brian tried hard to become the first earthling in the Green Lantern Corps – created by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell in All-American Comics #16, July 1940. Green was lost in the shuffle of Jack Black, Bradley Cooper, Nathan Fillion, Emile Hirsch, Jared Leto, Eddie Murphy, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake, Sam Worthington. And two Brits: Henry Cavill, Michael Fassbender.

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