Brigitte Lahaie

  1. Sylvia Lamo, L’Immorale, France, 1980. “The Other Brigitte” – the top French porno star of the ’70s – had quit hard-core after ten years. “Director Frederic Lansac persuaded me to do this one more last one. It was a deal. If I did this film – I’d get the lead in his next soft-core project. He was cheating. Never kept his promise. He’s dead now, so I don’t want to say anything against him… If you look cafefully as Les Petites Ecolieres (The Little Schoolgirls), you can see I was not happy doing it.” Lansac (aka Claude Mulot) gave the lead to another porno queen (Lamo, aka Sylvia Dessartre); her eighth and last film, a soft production after seven hard movies. 
  2. Dominique Saint Claire, The Tale of Tiffany Lust, “France,” 1980.   New York director Henry Paris was offered a lucrative  deal by Paris producer Wilfred Dodd – Les Aventures de Dolly with at least one French star.  Brigitte was signed but it was the lesser known St Claire who joined such Americans as Vanessa Del Rio, Samantha Fox, Ron Jeremy and (the French sounding) Desiree Cousteau. Paris, better known as Radley Metzger, wrote the script as Jake Barnes (!) and changed the title but Frenchman Gerard Kikoine was given the helming credit.The delightful Brigitte made herself a full life after porn, in various mainstream movies before becoming a sexologist, appearing two hours a day on  Radio Monte Carlo Info.


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