Bruce Greenwood

  1. Mandy Patinkin, Chicago Hope, TV, 1994/95.       ER was also set in a Chicago hospital but this one was far more weird.   Obviously.   David E Kelley wrote it.
  2. David Morrissey, Basic Instinct 2, 2005.   One by one, Sharon Stone’s potential  lovers, ran off:  Bruce, Benjamin Bratt, Pierce Brosnan, Robert Downey Jr,Kurt Russell.  Because they had read the “script.”   “I let myself down,” said Morrissey. “When it came out… I didn’t want to leave the house.It was a very bruising experience… I’d do it again tomorrow. But I’d do it differently because I’d have different tools in my armoury.”
  3. Kevin Costner, Man of Steel, 2011.



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