Buford Pusser

1. – Bo Svensson, Walking Tall Part II, 1975. Joe Don Baker was Pusser in Walking Tall, 1973. The Tennessee sheriff with the (very) big stick agreed to play himself in the sequel. However, within hours of signing contracts,   he was dead in a car crash that most everyone (except the police and polticians) believed was a Mob hit   – for   ridding McNairy County of crime and corruption. The case was quickly closed and all records sealed by court order – even though, in a previous car ambush, his wife was killed and he was dreadfully injured. Rather than using guns, Pusser used his Equaliser:   a gigantic wooden club, several feet long and very heavy.




 Usual occupation: SheriffBirth year: 1937Death year: 1974Other name: Casting Calls:  0