Carlo Croccolo

  1. Leopldo Trieste, Lo sceicco bianco  (UK/US: The White Sheik), Italy, 1951.   For his second outing as a director, Federico Fellini wanted Peppino De Filippo (from his 1950 debut,  Luci del varietà/Variety Lights) as the young husband. Producer Luigi Rovere preferred Croccolo.  Then, Fellini switched to the Calabrais  author Trieste – the only Italian  actor to work with Fellini, Coppola, Connery and Tornatore.   Michelangelo Antonioni penned the outline. Carlo Ponti bought an option and got Fellini and Tulio Pinelli to adapt it.  Antonioni hated their work.  Ponti threw it away.  Rovere caught it and lost his shirt. “We made a very beautiful film but five years in advance…”

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