Carol Lynley


  1. Jill Haworth, In Harm’s Way, 1964.   Lynley made it clear she was not interested in a rape by Kirk Douglas leading to pregnancy and suicide. Producer-director-ogre Otto Preminger gave Annalee to his British Exodus find… while Carol (sister and niece of Otto’s The Cardinal, the year before) was given the much better mother of Otto’s Bunny Lake Is Missing, the year after.
  2. Candice Bergen, The Sand Pebbles, 1966.    The girls from  The Group were the new in-favourites.
  3. Faye Dunaway, Bonnie and Clyde, 966.
  4. Katharine Ross, The Graduate, 1967.   
  5. Sandra Dee, The Dunwich Horror, 1969.    People seldom visit Dunwich,” said HP Lovecraft. “The town is ruined, decadent and its annals reek of overt viciousness, murder, crime and violent deed, un-nameable.”   The film, not so much…. Pity, because Italian horror ace Mario Bava had been due to make it  with his old mates, Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee.  Instead, we got a weak Dean Stockwell and long-nailed Sandra Dee’s nudity supplied by a short-nailed body-double.  Unless Sandra cut her nails while waiting for the lighting…
  6. Susan Anspach, Five Easy Pieces,1970.    When Carol split, Susan got the role (her finest), the man (Jack Nicholson) and his baby (Caleb).




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