Charles Middleton

  1. Anne Shirley, Steamboat Round The Bend, 1935.     At the last minute, John Ford changed Fleety Belle from male to female for the Will Rogers movie. Ford kept Middleton aboard as Fleety’s father – ie the father of his original character!! Best known as the evil emperor, Ming the Merciless, in the 1936-1940 Flash Gordon serials, Middleton played Abraham Lincoln in several films – and the father of Raymond Masey’s Abe Lincoln in Illinois, 1939.
  2. Irving Pichel, Juarez, 1938.    Change of General Carbajal in what was nearly a two-parter movie about the Mexican Revolution with somany wooden performances that Brian Aherne achieved the impossible and  stole a Paul Muni vehicle  from the driver.  As well as winning 75 film roles during  1930-1953,  Pichel directed some 40 movies, between 1932-1954., including The Bride Wore Boots, Mr Peapody and the Mermaid, Destination Moon, Martin Luther.


 Birth year: 1874Death year: 1949Other name: Casting Calls:  2