Charles Ruggles

  1. Ralph Morgan,  Magnificent Obsession, 1935.   Change of Edward Randolph  in Universal’’s top tearjerker,  Robert Taylor’s star-making breakthrough.  Likewise for Rock Hudson in the 1953 re-make. (Despite often needing up to 40 takes for a  scene).

  2. Lynne Overman, Hotel Haywire, 1936.      Ruggles and Mary Boland were first suggested to succeed George Burns and Grace Allen as the silly couple, each thinking the other had a lover and seeking aid from Leo Carillo’s quack shrink, Dr Zodiac Z Zipe (aimed at Groucho?). Overman and Spring Byington succeeded them – sounding exactly like them. A 14th script from Preston Sturgess; he didn’t start directing his 14 marvels for another four years. If you’re a screwballer, you’ll love it. If you can find it.

  3. Reginald Owen, They Met In Bombay, 1940.       Actually, jewel thieves Clark Gable and Rosalind Russell met in Calabasas and the Malibu Hills – and Ruggles was first thought  for The General.
  4. Jed Prouty, Go West, Young Lady, 1941.        When Edgar Buchanan was stuck on You Belong to Me, Ruggles took over as Jim Pendergast – passing his original rôle of Judge Harmon to Prouty. Everyone was happy. Except Buchanan.
  5. Thomas Mitchell,  It’s A Wonderful Life, 1946.

 Birth year: 1886Death year: 1970Other name: Casting Calls:  5