Chartlews Sale

  1. Walter Brennan, Three Godfathers, 1935.    Always The Old Guy, Sale was due as  Gus, part of Chester Morris’ cowboy bank robbers saving a baby found in the desert. Peter B. Kyne’s tale had already been told three times, between 1916-1930; John Ford re-made his 1919 version with John Wayne (like who else?) as a 1948 classic. But the Morris version is best.
  2. Charley Grapewin, The Petrified Forest, 1935. Humphrey Bogart replacing Edward G Robinson was bigger news than Grapewin replacing “Chic” as Gramp Maple in the film that ade Bigie a star. All because his co-star from the play, Leslie Howard, fought for him.  His cable to Head bro Jack Warner read: . “Insist Bogart play Mantee; no Bogart, no deal.”

  3. Walter Brennan, She’s Dangerous,1936.    She being a Euro pickpocket played by Tar Birell. Except, of course, she wasn’t… Brennan took over Ote when Sale died in mid-production. His 38th and last movie was called… You Only Live Once.

 Birth year: 1885Death year: 1936Other name: Casting Calls:  3