Chasrles Waggenheim

  1. George E Stone, Confessions of Boston Blackie, 1941.     Change of The Runt from first film to second in Columbia’s 1941-1949 up-dating of its 1918-1924 series- starring Chester Morris as ex-con writer Jack Boyle’s  thief, rehabilitated as a shamus for the movies (and radio). Despite proving an expensive sidekick (forgettint his lines and requiring numerous re-takes), Stone lasted a next dozen chapters until replaced, in his turn, by Sid Tomack for the 14th and final  case, Boston Blackie’s Chinese Venture. As surprising as Inspector Morse’s name being finally revealed as Endeavour, Blackie was really… Horatio.

 Birth year: 1896Death year: 1979Other name: Casting Calls:  1