Cheryl Ladd


  1. Meredith Baxter, Family, TV, 1976-1980.  Alan Ladd’s then daughter-in-law was  In the mix for Nancy Lawrence Maitland in the series created by her mom, actress Whitney Blake stemming from her life as a divorced Mom raising… Meredith!  Like her screen sister KristyMcNichol, Baxter later left the gay closest 30 years later – after three husbands and five children.
  2. Rose McGowan, The Doom Generation, 1995.     Alan Ladd’s grand-daughter was chosen by Greg Araki as his sex-violence teen Amy Blue – but Momma said no, even though Cheryl Ladd’s daughter was then 20.   Her father: David Ladd, son of Alan..




 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  2