Chip Fields

  1. BernNadette Stanis,  Good Times,  TV,   1976-1979.   Chip shopped for Baby Girl Thelma Evans  in producer Norman Lear’s spin-off from the Maude off-shoot from his biggest hit, All in the Family)   Stanis, however, won the role in 133 of the 134 episodes abouit a poor black family in Chicago. Two years later, Chip was selected as Janet Jackson’s birth (and abusive) mother. The Black Panthers attacked the show for its  stereotypical views. Not what Lear intended. So he created The Jeffersons, 1975-1985, with the theme song-come-credo: Movin’ On Up. Chip and her real daughter, Kim, moved on into  The Facts of Life,1979-1988, a wannabe-femaler-Welcome Back Kotter, with Kim, Mindy Cohn and Lisa Welchel as more atractive Sweathogs.

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