Chris D’Elia

  1. Tig Notaro, Army of the Dead, 2019.  For his second apocalyptic zombie horror movie (actually a heist movie), Zack Snyder  booked  the comic-impressjonist-actor (with some 36 credits), only to see D’Elia’s  career implode following  accusations of sexually harassing underage girls. “I do have a problem,” he confessed on You Tube, while denying he’d done anything illegal.  “Netflix did the right thing,” said Zack’s co-producer wife, Deborah. “They put their money where their mouth is.” And  stumped a few million dollars to wipe D’Elia  from the movie and have Zack re-shoot all his scenes with  another comic actor, Notaro, andf a green screen.  D’Elia was also deep-sixed  by his CAA agency.  By sheer chance,  Ella Purnell is in the cast – as she was in the BBC’s Ordeal By  Innocence in 2017 when Ed Westwick was edited out and replaced by Christian Cooke after sex assault allegations. 

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