Claire Trevor


  1. Fay Wray, Shanghai Madness, 1933.    Musical chairs at Fox for Spencer Tracy’s next co-star. First choice Trevor was suddenly switched to a second consecutive George O’Brien vehicle.MGM loaned Elizabeth Allen,who simply walked out. Enter (for just a few days) Burns, aka Joan Bennett’stwo-timing sister in Me And My Gal.Finally, with less than a week’s notice, King Kong’s girlfriend became thewild girl called Wildeth.
  2. Janet Blair,  Two Yanks in Trinidad, 1941.     Trevor and Rita Hayworth  were also seen for the nightclub chanteuse caught between Pat O’Brien and Brian Donlevy as two hoods turned US spies in the B thriller nonsense.  What else when  directed by Gregory Ratoff!
  3. Glenda Farrell, The Talk of the Town, 1941.    Or, Gentlemen Misbehave when Trevor was set for Regina Bush, second of Cary Grant’s female co-stars. The other was Jean Arthur. Ronald Colman was also involved. And George Stevens directed. No wonder Variety called it, as only Variety could…  box-office sugar. 
  4. Susan Hayward, Canyon Passage, 1945.   Same author (Ernest Haycox), so producer Walter Wanger wanted his 1938 Stagecoach trio: John Wayne, Thomas Mitchell and Trevor. Instead, the producer settled for Dana Andrews, Brian Donlevy,  Susan Hayward. Not one but three kisses of death. Not even French realisateur Jacques Tourneur could save this Western.
  5. Mercedes McCambridge, Johnny Guitar, 1953.  Joan Crawford had the rights and sold them, to Republic, suggesting Trevor or Barbara Stanwyck opposite her  as the merciless Emma Small.  Small is not  the way director Nicholas Ray let McCambridge play her in the psycho-dikey-sexual drama hiding out in what François Truffaut dubbed an hallucinatory Western. The two firebrands fought on and off camera. Legend adds  that Crawford, in a drunken rage one night, threw all McCambridge’s costumes along an Arizona highway. Cast and crew had to recover them!
  6. Mercedes McCambridge, Giant, 1955.


 Birth year: 1910Death year: 2000Other name: Casting Calls:  6