Clemence Poséy

  1. Rosamund Pike, Wrath of the Titans, 2011.      Harry Potter’s French girl, Poséy,  Georgina Haig, Dominique McElligott and Janet Montgomery were up for Andromeda  in the overblown  sequel to the re-make of the 1980 original. More about 3D, said ace critic Roger Ebert, than literate, concise dialogue, characters to care about,  relationships that have meaning.
  2. Natalie Portman, Knights of Cups,  2013.     Terrence Malick strikes again…Poséy and Mia Wasikowska topped the short-list for two  long “untitled Terrence Malick 2013” projects – shot back-to-back, improvised and two years in post-production.  This one…
  3. Natalie Portman, Weightless ,  2013.     …and this one,   featuring  a brace of  Batmen: Christian Bale and Val Kilmer. Both films were as meaningless as their titles.

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