Corinne Calvet

  1. Vera Ralston, The Fighting Kentuckian, 1940.      For his second John Wayne Production, Duke wanted a French actress for Fleurette De Marchand. With a light Paris accent – Calvet, Danielle Darrieux or Simone Simon? But his old Republic boss, Herbert J Yates wanted his future wife in the rôle. “I don’t wanna malign her,” said Duke. “She didn’t have the experience. She talked with this heavy Czech accent… It hurt the picture, because we now had to hire other Czech and Austrian actors to play French characters so her accent would be matched. [Pause] Yates was one of the smartest businessmen I ever met. But when it came to the women he loved, his business brain went flying out the window.” The $1.3m movie lost a bundle. And the best (Georgia) accent came in a solo sidekick rôle for… Oliver Hardy!

 Birth year: 1925Death year: 2001Other name: Casting Calls:  1