Cristina Reali

  1. Sophie Marceau, La Boum, France, 1980.     Among the kids seen by realisateur ClaudePinoteau and his casting director Françoise Ménidrey for the role that made a star of the ex-Sophie Danièle Sylvie Maupu… who chose her new name from among the Paris avenues and boulevards.
  2. Sandra Majani, Le Parfum d’Yvonne, France,1993.     After checking the newest Paris actresses, photographer-turned director Just Jaeckin found his Emmanuelle in Holland – and 20 years later, realisateur Patrice Leconte found his Yvonne in another Dutch model…. who quit movies after this stunning debut. “Such a pity,” said Leconte. “She had something quite rare… fresh, carefree, positive and a charming accent, as well. I was moreconcerned than she when she had to be naked. I told her: ‘If it upsets you, tell me at once.  If it doesn’t, amuse yourself – and we’ll have a free and radiant film.” Of course, he fell for Sandra (didn’t we all?) yet maintained his record of never sleeping with his actresses. 

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