Curd Jürgens

1. – Marius Goring, Ill Met By Moonlight, 1957. The Rank Organisation was typically stingy. ”Dirk Bogarde can’t carry this picture alone,” said  director Michael Powell, “Give us Dirk, Curt Jürgens [as he was billed in English] or Yul Brynner and Stewart Granger… and we’ll give you a picture that will set the world  spinning.”  Or not.

2. – Rex Harrison, Cleopatra, 1963

3. – Heinz Domez, Lieb vaterland, magst ratig sein/Dear Fatherland, West Germany, 1975. After ten years trying to make the drama of an East German refugee as writer-star-director,  Jürgens  finally sold his rights to the Johannes Maria Simmel book for $87,000. Roland Klick made it without him.

4. – Hardy Kruger, The Wild Geese, 1978.  No contest!


 Birth year: 1912Death year: 1982Other name: Casting Calls:  0