Dakota Johnson

  1. Dree Hemingway, Starlet, 2012.      All change for director Sean Baker’s excellent film. Dakota (daugter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith) had first been sought to co-star with her real grandmother, Tippi Hedren. But another famous daughter, Mariel Hemingway’s Dree, took over the porn actress (unsimulated naughty bits supplied by porn star Zoe Voss) and another Johnson, became her granny-figure. Dree did not have the title rôle; that was her pet Chihuahua! Besedka had dreamt of acting since 15. This was her first and last film. She died just after the 2013 release at age 87. Dakota went on into the Fifty Shades of Grey soft-core-bore franchise…with a butt double as her’s was tattooed. Zoe’s would have ben better.

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