1. Catherine Rouvel, Borsalino,  France, 1969.  It was the 60s…  The unknown Danièle Graul  from  Perpignan arrived in Paris at age 20 on Monday, November  11, 1963.  Almost before changing tee-shirts, she was modelling alongside  Shrimpton and  Zouzou, making records, singing in such  in clubs as Régine’s, Castel and, bien sur, Jean-Marrie Rivière’s L’Acazar– where anyone who was anyone turned up (Minnelli, Nureyev, Redford, Sagan, Yves Saint-Laurent), making films for Vadim (as early as  La ronde in  ‘64), and Georges Lautner and testing for a  Jean Gabin  movie  as a young girl who smokes weed. “And I’d never smoked in my life! Gabin saw me and said: It’s s not her.  I went to the studio bar and who entered but Alain Delon.  He kissed my hand and said: We’ll meet again… Later on the Hakim producer brothers said Alain wanted to see me.  I went his office, Nathalie Delon was there.  As with Zouzou, it was friendly love at first sight.  I was not interested in Alain Delon – i was in love with Benjamin (Auger, photographer  for Salut les copains, father of her future  children). “When you’re in love, you don’t fancy someone else. – whether it’s Alain Delon or Pierre Clementi.”   Which is the why of how Rouvel made the gangster movie.
  2. Bernadette Lafont, Une belle fille comme moi, (UK/US: A Gorgeous Girl Like Me), France, 1972. Dani never filmed with Delon but ran his nightclub, L’Aventure, for a while. Welcoming such guests as Claude François, Serge Gainsbourg, Andy Warhol. Then, she refused an offer from auteur François Truffauit to head his take on  Henry Farrell’s book, Such A Gorgeous Kid Like Me …because she disagreed, not with the role (a girl jailed for murder) but  the title!  “That was not me  and could never be. And  I was right, I’d never have been as good as Berndaette.”  Dani was ashamed of her looks, her body – “I never liked me.”    Truffaut told Benjamin   to  do something to help her. They shot a nude spread for Lui magazine which had her hiding for a month from the newstands.  Truffaut booked her for his next opus,  La nuit americaine./Day For Night . In all, Dani  maxe 44 sceen roles during 1954- 2021

 Birth year: 1944Death year: Other name: Danièle GraulCasting Calls:  2