Dawn French

  1. Julie Waters, Mama Mia, 2007.    First choice for Rosier, descriibd in the scenario “the fat, funny one.” (Story of Dawn’s life; sahe even called her autobiography: Dear Fatty). However, her singing was not up to Abba par. Like Pierce Brosnan, she had only agreed to join the film in order to work with Meryl Streep. Producers included Rita Wilson, Mrs Tom Hanks.
  2. Jennifer Saunders, Coraline, 2008.      Forget the titular Dakota Fanning. The toon belongs to the two old dames in the basement, apparently ex-burlesque queens, judging by their posters for Julius Sees Her and King Leer. Director Henry Selick chose the great UK comics, French and Saunders, to voice Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, respectively, when – in mid-recording – he said something was awry. Try swopping. Perfect! Well, except their stop-motion puppets still resembled their original roles. So we had a French looking like Saunders and viice-versa. All part of the fun!

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