Dean Cain

  1. David Charvet, Baywatch, TV, 1992-1996.   One DC for another in, er,  Babewatch…  But like the star, David Hasselhoff, Frenchman Charvet became a global male pin-up during 71 shows as Matt Brody (having affairs with both the Pamela Anderson and  Nicole Egger characters – before joining Melrose Place  during 1996-1998. He also cut five albums. And I couldn’t name any of ‘em. 
  2. Grant Snow, Melrose Place, TV, 1992-1997.  The adopted son of director Christopher Cain (they made The Stone Boy, 1983) was struggling with TV – winning  scraps -like Guy in the Bar or Parking Valet, and losing Jake in the new branch of  Beverly Hills 90210.   But the days of Volleyball Play #1 (or #2) ended with four years of Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman, 1993-1997.  He was also among seven of the cast popping up in the next generation’s version of the man of steel, Smallville, 2001-2011.       
  3. Robert Patrick, The X-Files.2000-2002. Cain (the 1993 TV Superman), Adam Baldwin, Bruce Campbell and Lou Diamond Phillips auditioned for John Doggett – Dana Scully’s new FBI partner when Fox Mulder went missing. (A money row, what else).  Patrick said the Special Agent could well be his favourite character – but he could not play him in then the tenth season due to his new Scorpion gig, 2014-2018.  He once declared: “I’ve done 55 movies and, in all seriousness, there’s maybe five that are good and the rest are crap.” Not X- Files of the Terminator franchise, which led to him being cast as the fathers of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley in their biopix.
  4. Brandon Routh, Superman Returns,  2005. 

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