Dean Stockwell

  1. Eddie Hodges, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 1960.    The four songs are a clue to what had been the 1952 plan, a full-blown MGMusical version with Dean Stockwell as Mark Twain’s Huck (well, he’d already been Kipling’s Kim), William Warfield (Joe in Show Boat, 1951) as the runaway slave, plus Danny Kaye and Gene Kelly as the two con-men, pretending to be the Duke of Bridgewater and French king Louis XVII. The project sank when Kelly found he needed to work in Europe, tax-wise, for 18 months.
  2. Russ Tamblyn, Cimarron, 1960.    “I had no desire whatsoever to be in it. My sort of contribution, whatever value it is, wouldn’t even be wanted in that type of film.”, George Hamilton, Steve McQueen  were moer keen onThe Kid in MGM’s second version of Edna Ferber’s typicably epic novel. Mighty Metro managed to aspring Tambly out of US Army early to be in the film.  The first 1931 version won the Best Film Oscar. This one did not. Ferber hated it.  “This old gray head turned almost black during those two (or was it three?) hours.”
  3. Paul Newman, Sweet Bird of Youth, 1961.  Here we go again. Raddled spinster meets a hot stud.  We are back in Tennessee Williams country Tennessee Williams country (The Glass Streetcar Named Iguana!). With – for once –  the top three players of the 1959 Broadway play retaiened for the f;lm.  Geraldine Page as the Hollywood has been; Page’s husband  Rip Torn  (their Big Apple postbox was marked Torn Page!) as a sadistic Tom Junior ; and Paul;  Newman as the sneaky gigolo, Chance Wayne. Torn took over that role on the US tour and nearly in the film, when Newman suddenly quit. Before he changed his mind again, writer-director Rjchard Brooks had  examined  Burt Reynolds, Dean  Stockwell… even  Elvis Presley – as if Colonel Parker  was going to let  his money-machine  play a gigolo.
  4. Al Pacino, The Godfather, 1971.
  5. William Sanderson, Blade Runner, 1981.     UK wiz Ridley Scott had 23 potential Deckards – but only Stockwell or Joe Pantoliano for the disease-ridden genius JF Sebastian, sympathetic to the cause of the replicants or “skin jobs.”

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