Deborah Walley

  1. Joey Heatherton, Where Love Has Gone, 1964.   We all knew where this murky melo came from. Harold Robbins’ sleazy novel, of course. More essentially from the real, raw  Hollywod life he pinched it from. About poor Cheryl Crane, driven to kill the apallingly named  gangster Johnny Stompanato to prevent him beating her mother, Lana Turner, to death.  Patty Duke, Natalie Wood’s TV  actress sister, Lana,  and the unknown Laurel Goodwin, Deborah Walley (a one-only Gidget),  were supplanted  by  the prettier but weak Heatherton as The Daughter. In Robbins’ version, she’s also in love with The Guy and was trying to kill The Mom when he got in the way. Yuck! Many times over. In short careers Goodwin and  Walley, both scored  a movie with Elvis.

 Birth year: 1941Death year: 2001Other name: Casting Calls:  1