Donna Dixon

  1. Alexandra Paul, Dragnet, 1986.   Donna was the wife of the star, Dan Aykroyd, and one of his two co-writers, Tom Mankiewicz, made it clear. Very clear. “No you can’t, Donna, you can’t do that.”   He gave the Virgin Connie Swail (!) to Paul, who reminded him Jacqueline Bisset, when he voted for her in his first movie scenario, The Sweet Ride, 1967… when Dragnet was a TV  must with Jack Webb as Joe Friday.  Ted Kotcheff was due to direct until Mank noticed his extreme  case of wrong chemistry about the script (by  Akyroyd, Mankiewicz and Alan ZWeibel.   And Universal’s chief, Frank Price, said: “How about if you direct it.” ”Swell,” said Tom, “I won’t let you down.”   And he didn’t. The comedy was the #4 film of 1987.

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