Dr Billy Graham

  1. Victor Mature, Samson and Delilah, 1948.  Back in 1934, the idea had been Henry Wilcoxon – Mark Antony in CB DeMille’s 1934 Cleopatra. But now…  here’s a open-mouthed surprise… CB invited the newest evangelist on the block to play Samson! Graham passed. Easily. His sole ambition at age 30 was to continue preaching the gospels – not acting them. CB was more encouraged than surprised by the young man’s refusal and trawled through Rory Calhoun, Jim Davis, Errol Flynn, William Hopper (Hedda’s son), John Ireland, Burt Lancaster, Glen Langan, Willard Parker, Steve Reeves, Roberts Ryan and Taylor, Murvyn Vye and Jeff York. Here’s a review by Groucho Marx: “No picture can hold my interest where the leading man’s bust is larger than the leading lady’s!”

 Usual occupation: EvangelistBirth year: 1918Death year: 2018Other name: Casting Calls:  0