E G Marshall

  1. Walter Matthau, Voice in the Mirror, 1957.      No matter, with 12 Angry Men already behind him, EG’s day would come – with 152 other screen roles, including Joseph P Kennedy, Harry S Truman, Ulysses S Grant, Dwight D Eisenhower (twice), White House stars (for good or ill) John Foster Dulles and John Mitchell, plus generals judges, governors, senators, bishops, doctors and the Emmy-winning pater familias of the best ever US legal series, The Defenders, on CBS during 1961-1965.
  2. Pat Hingle, Washington Mistress, TV, 1982.   Marshall changed his mind about being politico Ross Clayton (maybe the title grtated) and Hingle won his Senate seat.

 Birth year: 1914Death year: 1998Other name: Casting Calls:  2