Ed Westwick

  1. Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl, TV, 2007-2012.    From golden  boy to bad… The Brit tested for for Nate, the golden first love of Leighton Meester’s  privileged Upper East Side prep school teen. Insteadm, he was given the womanising, bad lad, Chuck Bass. The 121 episodes were  based on the books by Cecily von Ziegesar. Think Beverly Hills 90210 with a new number… in Upper West Side Manhattan.

  2. Christian Cooke, Ordeal By Innocence, TV, 2017.    
    The CW suits were furious with his Gossip Girl  look – “more like a serial killer than a romantic lead!” Or more sexual harasser  (and rapist) according to allegations seeping out about his conduct  – in the wake of the toxic tsunami of the Harvey Weinstein sexual (and power) abuse scandal. The Agatha Christie film was set as the major attraction of the BBC’s 2017 Christmas. It was dropped from the schedule – and Westwick was replaced by Cooke in 2018 re-shoots.  (Ironically, Cook was in the Where The Heart Iss eries’ Christmas Special, Archangel, in  2003). “Surprisingly seamless,” Cooke told Metro.co.uk,   “which is a credit to the producers and the director…  they had obviously worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get everybody back together. They  wanted it to be a fresh experience for me and the cast were more than welcoming and  it felt like the first time for everybody.” The title ironically matched Westwick’s denials of all the claims about him. The film was made by the same BBC which ignored evidence of rampant paedophile Jimmy Saville attacking his prey in its studios  in the 70s, and even a  documentary revealing his crimes. LA prosecutors dropped all charges against Westwick  in July 2018.  His career  continued  wih  White Gold, , Enemy Lines and Me, You Madness.

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    Ed Westwick’s work in the BBC’s 2017 Christmas Agatha Christie drama was re-shot with Christian Cooke – at the cost of £2m – for Easter 2018.  The  title matched Westwick’s alleged crime. Ordeal by Innocence.      [©  BBC/Fudge Park/Mammoth Screen/Acl/Joss Barratt]

  3. Alden Ehrenreich, Solo: A Star Wars Story, 2017.      

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