Elana Eden

  1. Millie Perkins, The Diary of Anne Frank, 1958.   Three of the actresses seen for George Stevens for the Holocaust heroine – Eden, Perkins and Susan Strasberg  were in contention again for the Biblical heroine of The Story of Ruth, the following year. Perkins won Anne. Eden won Ruth – because, said the Fox suits, of the power and beauty of the Isaraeli actress (and soldier)  in her test for Stevens. The Ruth cinematographer Arthur E Erling said she had “the most photogenic – the most camera-proof face I’ve ever photographed.” Yet while she guested in  three US TV series, she  only made only one other film, Israel’s Trunk to Cairo, in 1965 – hidden in the credits as  Ilana Foch.  And then  she  quit acting.  “I’m not interested in Hollywood minks and shminks.”

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