Elizabeth McGovern

  1. Holly Hunter, Broadcast News, 1987.     Two days before shooting, Holly replaced a pregnant Debra Winger.
  2. Andie MacDowell, sex, lies and videotape, 1989.     New director Steven Soderbergh wrote Ann with Elizabeth in mind.
  3. Meg Ryan, When Harry Met Sally, 1989.   Tom Hanks was Harry and director Rob Reiner juggled various Sallies. His first choice Susan Dey, from TV’s Partridge Family.  She virtually ended her movie career by rejecting the role. Rob next looked at both Elizabeths (Perkins and McGovern) and was thisclose to signing Molly Ringwald when t’other MR nailed it!   Meg and Hanks next made another hit, Sleepless in Seattle., 1992. But after a bunch of near-misses, Inner Space, Promised Land, Rom Com Queen, DOA, The Presido, plus her image-destroying Proof of Love affair with Russell; Crowe she was toast.  Playing unmemorable mothers of Colin Hanks here and Kristen Stewart there.
  4. Jennifer Connelly, The Rocketeer, 1990 A lucky escape from the… Disney-we-have-a-problem…  movie. Diane Lane, Elizabeth McGovern, Penelope Ann Millder, Kelly Preston were also in the frame for the hero’s gal, Jenny Blake, projecting, said Chicago critic Roger Ebert, “the same innocent sensuality of the classic B-movie sexpots – an ability to seem totally unaware, for example, that she is wearing a low-cut dress.”
  5. Theresa  Russell, Whore, 1991.     Elizabeth was considered after Theresa passed –  until she could not  get the abrasive  hooker out of her mind and agreed  to journey  with  director Ken Russell to  the other side of the Pretty Woman mirror. 
  6. Sissy Spacek, JFK,  1991.
  7. Kelly Lynch, Three of Hearts, 1992.    Original gay lovers in the triangle were Elizabeth and Madonna or Demi Moore.


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