Elke Sommer

  1. Juliet Prowse, GI Blues, 1959.    Welcome home Elvis!  And here’s your reward for serving your country in the US Army.  1: The Indian-born South African dancer (beating Sommer, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Ursula Andress, May Britt) and 2:  All  your  movies will stink from hereon!  (Despite the divine Urs sharing his 1963 Fun in Acapulco),
  2. Nancy Kwan, Tamahine, 1962.     A German Tahitian!  British studios were taking their love of foreign pin-ups too far.
  3. Ulla Jacobsen, The Heroes of Telemark, 1965.     For a tale of Norwegians destroying Germany’s heavy-water (aka nuclear) plant, it was thought the heroine should be at least Swedish – rather than German!
  4. Rosemary Forsythe, The War Lord, 1965.    Sommertime was starting in Hollywood..  “I’ve had a wonderful career… played everything from a hooker to a nun.”   Yet she’d rather be known as a painter who acts than vice-versa.  
  5. Claudia Cardinale Son of the Pink Panther, 1992.    An Italian as the gormless gendarme-son of the far funnier gendarme-father.  Ah, but his mother was Italian, you see.  But no longer Elke Sommer, who was Maria Gambrelli in Clouseau 2: A Shot in the Dark, 1963, but La Cardinale, the  Princess Dala in the first Panther 30 years previously. She was the owner of the titluar pink diamond,  not even mentioned in this greedy sequel which was as stupid as that… Elke was the sole Pantherite who was not keen on the greedy sequel. She was also the wisest (well, Kevin Kline, a possible Junior, felt the same). “No Peter Sellers – no point!” 



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