Eric Linden

  1. Douglass Montgomery, Little Women, 1933.   Late change of Laurie opposite Katharine Hepburn for whom, “this picture was heaven to do.  It was, to me, my youth.” Plus first of her ten films helmed by George Cukor . All four were in the mix for Gone with the Wind Cukor, Kate and Montgomery lost out on directing, playing Scarlett and Ashley. Linden, alone got the gig. He played – wait for it –  An Amputation Case.

  2. George Walcott, Isle of Fury, 1935.       As covered by the Hollywood Reporter on March 19, 1936, Walcott took over Tom Wilson when Linden fell ill. Diplomatically, or otherwise. Except no actor would wish to quit a Spencer Tracy vehicle. Particularly when it was Fritz Lang’s Hollywood debut. The Swedish-Amerian actor made 44 movies including an amputation case among the Civil War wounded in Gone with the Wind.

 Birth year: 1909Death year: 1994Other name: Casting Calls:  2