Erin O’Brien

  1. Natalie Wood, Marjorie Morningstar, 1957.   A Star is Bored…Novelist Herman Wouk’s heroine is the proverbial Jewish-American princess. She wants to be a Broadway star – and falls for the no-hoper social director of a Borsht Belt summer resort. Warner Bros bought the book Marlon Brando-Elizabeth Taylor in ’56. They became Natalie Wood-Gene Kelly.  Jennifer Jones and singer-actress Erin O’Brien were also seen for little Miss Morgenstern. The New York Times thought Kelly “a mite uncomfortablein his assignment.”  Obviously. He was not 14 years her senior as per the book, but  26 years  older! 

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Usual occupation: SingerCasting Calls:  1