Ernie Hudson

  1. Keith David,  The Thing, 1981.    Hudson, Bernie Casey, Isaac Hayes, Geoffrey Holder, Carl Weathers  were all up for Childs – and whitey David won!  TK Carter was the token black as Nauls. Relax, there was Brit as well. And not Donald Pleasence, as usual with director John Carpente, but Donald Moffga). However, the question was not whether Childs was black or white – but human or alien. Unless you paid attention to the final scene.
  2. Arsenio Hall, The Real Ghostbusters, TV, 1986-1991.     Unbelievable!    Ernie was Winston Zeddemore in the films. He was still required to audition as the voice of the same guy in the animation series.  And he lost out… to the future talk-show host. 

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