Everett Dirksen

  1. Groucho Marx, Skidoo, 1968. “It takes two to Skidoo,” said the poster for the bowel-movement of producer-director-ogre Otto Preminger after dropping acid and shooting a “writing sample” rather than a script about the generation he had no idea about  – that of his son, Erik Lee Preminger.  Otto then disgustingly berated 78-year-old Groucho after choosing him to play God (with the painted moustache). Presumably, Groucho  needed the money.  Alfred Hitchcock (!), Zero Mostel, Anthony Quinn, Frank Sinatra, Rod Steiger did not. Nor the former US Senate Minority Leader from the Dirksen Brothers Bakery in Pekin, Illinois.

 Usual occupation: US SenatorBirth year: 1896Death year: 1969Other name: Casting Calls:  1