F Murray Abraham


  1. Cliff Gorman, An Unmarried Woman,  1977.    Abraham read well for the artist role, but Paul Mazursky found that Gorman (Broadway’s Lenny Bruce) more closely resembled the director’s  New York artist pals – they all had street savvy.   (FMA was the thinnest All Capone.  Twice. For Roger Corman in the 90s: Baby Face Nelson and Dillinger & Capone, 1995).
  2. Charles Kay, Amadeus, 1983.    He was auditioning for Count Orsini-Rosenberg when director Milos Forman had him read some of Salieri’s scenes.  And got the part.  And the Best Supporting Oscar.
  3. Eric Roberts, Doctor Who (The Movie),  TV, 1996.  
  4. Jonathan Hyde, Anaconda, 1996.    “Alone among snakes, anacondas are unique. After eating their prey, they regurgitate in order to eat again.”   We learned a lot like this in a creature feature about a woman directing a creature feature (well, an Amazon docu), aided by Jon Voight, Ice Cube, Eric Stoltz, Owen Wilson… and Hyde as their David Attenboroughish narrator, Warren Westridge.
  5. Djimon Hounsou, Shazam! 2018.   A month after Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel opened in 2019, Zachary Levi arrived as… Captain Marvel. Re-named by DC as Shazam! in  2011. You may not know him, but he sold more comics tham Superman in the 40s. He’s really a kid of 14, given superpowers (and body) by an old called, er, Shazam. Think Superboy in Superbloke’s body.  FMA, Alan Alda, Michael Keaton (the 1988 Batman) and Tony (Monk) Shaloub were seen for this wizard. Ron Ceophas (from the opposition, Marvel’s Luke Cage) got him. But his TV schedule got the gig and Hounsou took over. Direct from the set of…  Brie Larson’s winner! 

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