Faith Domergue

  1. Ida Lupino, On Dangerous Ground, 1950.     Also in the snowy mountains frame for the blind Mary were Lauren Bacall, Olivia de Havilland, Susan Hayward, Wanda Hendrix, Deborah Kerr, Janet Leigh, Margaret Sullavan, Teresa Wright, Jane Wyman, – and Broadway newcomer Margaret Phillips. RKO chose well. Because, although un-credited, Lupino also co-directed the noir thriller with Nicholas Ray. In all, she helmed 41 films and TV shows during 1949-1968 when Hollywood women were just supposed to pout, pirouette and pucker up.
  2. Linda Darnell, Blackbeard, the Pirate, 1952.   RKO’s first idea was Robert Stevenson directing a titular Robert Mitchum with Domergue, Victor Mature and Jack Buetel. Plan B was Robert Newton (stealing the entire enterprise: “ARRRRRRRR!”), , William Bendix, Keith Andes – and Darnell Edwina, the only character holding his/her own with Newton, thanks to a low-cut red dress and lines like: “You? Hang Morgan? You couldn’t hang the hind leg of a pig in a smoke-house!”

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