Fernand Gravet (aka Gravey)

  1. Arnaudy, Topaze, France, 1936.    Playwright and cineaste Marcel Pagnol was never satisfied with Louis Jouvet as the first Topaze, 1932. He contacted Gravey (among the first French talkie actors) before going with the Marseillais Arnaudy, whotoured Provence in the play – and was Pagnol’s Cigalon, 1935. Topaze II flopped (didn’t succeed with Peter Sellers in 1961, either) and the bilingual Gravey went on to play Johann Strauss and Moliere.
  2. Stewart Granger, Scaramouche, 1951.    Announced by MGM for André Moreau…  in 1938.  However, the actual film  – and  the greatest movie  swordfight  – was not made for another  14 years in what was the last of the good old swashbucklers. 



 Birth year: 1904Death year: 1970Other name: Casting Calls:  2