Florence Henderson

  1. Shirley Jones, Oklahoma!, 1954.    Nicknamed Florency by her folks, Henderson lost the lead in the film of the Broadway smash to… her best friend, Shirley Jones. Thereafter, they were both mothered rival sitcom families:  Henderson’s Brady Bunch,11969-1974, v Jones’ Partridge Family,  1970-1974. The media tried stirring a pot of bitter emnity between the two. Poppycock!  Friends they were, and friends they remained.
  2. Julie Christie, Fahrenheit, 1966.    When shooting was slated for the summer of ’64, fireman Montag’s women were aimed, said the rumours, at French favourites Tippi Hedren and Jean Seberg as his wife and and mistress. Codswallop!  Two years later, the nouvelle vague icon François Truffaut decided against Mia Farrow, Jane Fonda, or Florence Henderson, deciding that  Julie  Christie – en route to her Darling  Oscar  and Doctor Zhivago – should play both sides of author Ray Bradbury’s coin. Precisely the reason why a jealous Terence Stamp quit and  his ditto replacement, Oskar Werner, loathed the film. Just  not quite as much as Truffaut loathed Werner!

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