Florence Rice

  1. Helene Vinson, The Captain Hates The Sea, 1933.       Film Daily revealed that Cleveland’s Rice fell ill and Vinson took over as Janet Grayson. The film is more important as being John Gilbert’s finale, even after agreeing to a Columbia sound-test to prove that his infamous high-pitched test at MGM was due to anxiety about justifying his vast salary. His alcoholism remained, not helped by a cast of boozers, particularly during the shooting at sea. Columbia czar Harry Cohn cabled director Lewis Milestone: “Return to studio. The cost is staggering.” Milestone replied, “So is the cast!”
  2. Ann Sothern, Dulcy, 1939.   First Rice, then  Rosalind Russell were also looked at for what New York Times critic Boslewy Crowther called “the daffy filly who always does the wrong things which invariably come out all right.”  He also suggested that Sothern must have been fed up with such screw-loose comedies.

 Birth year: 1907Death year: 1974Other name: Casting Calls:  2