Frances Fisher

  1. Patricia Richardson, Home Improvement, TV, 1991-1999.  The suits felt Fisher made Jill Taylor “whiney and desperate” and replaced her with Richardson four days before taping the pilot. The studio built  a nursery for Richardon’s her (real) twins as she (and screen husband Tim Allen) slogged through 203 episodes.  Fisher had a daughter, Francesca, in 1995 – with her then lover, Clint Eastwood.
  2. Mary McCormack, The Big Tease, 1998. CBS’s Scottish chat-show host Craig Ferguson ached for a cheery movie about his homeland, not (Braveheart, Rob Roy) or bummer (Shallow Grave, Trainspotting). So he wrote one with Sacha Gervasi about a flamboyant Glagswegian competing in a world hairdressing contest in LA.  Fisher passed on Monique in order to play Candy, the publicist of… Sean Connery! 

  3. Joanna Kerns, Knocked Up, 2006.

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