Francis Ford

  1. Andy Clyde, Abe Lincoln In Illinois, 1939.  John Ford’s elder brother was booked as the stagecoach driver. However, Hopalong Cassidy’s future sidekick, California Carson,  took over the coach and horses.   During 1909-1952, Ford directed 179 films and played, estimates IMDb, 494 screen roles
  2. Laurence Naismith, Mogambo, 1953.    Bro John Ford didn’t get his way about Maureen O’Hara as the leading lady (MGM insisted on Ava Gardner)… nor his actor-director-mentor brother as Skipper.  Francis Ford fell ill and died died a month  before  the US premiere. The African native expression mogambo can be either “passion” or “to speak.” Perfect for the Ford boys… When he retired in the early 80s, Naismith did what many a Brit dreamt of – moved to Australia  and opened a pub.

 Birth year: 1881 Death year: 1953 Other name:  Usual occupation: Film director Casting Calls:  2