Francis Huster


  1. Patrick Dewaere, Les valseuses (US: Going Places), France,1973.    Caustic auteur BertrandBlier spent six months hunting the leads the May ’68 of French cinema!(That explosive). After seeing the current young turks – pretty Huster, Jacques Spissier,Bernard Verley, Jacques Weber – Blier wanted unknowns. He found Gérard Depardieu holding his own with Belmondo, Delon and even Gabin…and Patrick Dewaere impressed in Themroc wih Michel Piccoli. Trouble was while GéGé wanted the Jean-Marc role, Dewaere wasn’t really interested in being Pierrot.  “It’s not me!” he whined.  Until he played it…  Huster replaced Deware in his pal Serge Gainsbourg’s Gabon movie, Equator, in 1983.
  2. Pierre Arditi, Mon oncle d’Amerique (UK: My American Uncle),  France,  1979.   “Merci, Francis!” yelled Arditi on French TV in September 2015.  He was completing his tale of how Huster turned down the film because he felt realisateur Alain Resnais was  antipathtique (repugnanat!).  The great nouvelle vague icon went on to make  nine more films wigh Arditi, two won him Cesars. In fact, Arditi (who dubbed Christopher Reeve’s Superman films) remains the only acor to win the French equivalent of the Best Actor Oscar, Tony and Emmy awards in the same year. 

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