Fred Gwynne

  1. Ray Walston, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, 1981.   Somewhat surprisingly, Gwyne refused to play Mr Hand because of the film’s sexual content. That hadn’t prevented him making Italian maestro Bernardo Bertolucci’s La luna in 1979.
  2. Ed(ward) Herrman, The Lost Boys,  1986.     Gwynne was in the  mix for Max in director Joel Schumacher’s  vampire trip in, of course Smalltown USA.     Richard Donner produced and found room for the poster in his Lethal Weaponthat year.
  3. David Ogden Stiers, Shadows and Fog, 1991.   Par for the Woody Allen course.

 Birth year: 1926Death year: 1993Other name: Casting Calls:  2