Gabrielle Reece

  1. Jennifer Garner, Elektra, 2004.  A dozen years earlier, Oliver Stone – of all people! – was planning the first Elektra film, based on Elektra Assassin, the comicbook series by Frank Miller  (who promised the role to Galyn Görg!) and Bill Sienkiewicz.  But with Elektra battling The Hand  as the SHIELD rights were   tethered to a different deal. And then, so was Elektra and all the Daredevil characters.   Unheard of since 2006, Reece had made three series and two movies. Her husband is Laird Hamilton, revered  as  history’s  greatest big wave surfer. Garner hated her movie –  the first from Marvel with a female hero. “When did I become Action Girl?”Duh, in TV’s  Alias, of course.  She even shot Elektra during her TV hiatus. But only because she was trapped into it because of her Daredevil role.

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