Genevieve Grad

  1. Catherine Spaak, I dolci inganni (US: Sweet Deceptions), Italy-France, 1960.    Around that time nearly all the new young lovelies – Brigtte Bardot, Leslie Caron, Dany Robin, etc – were found in dance school or ballet companies. Which explains how, at 15, GG found herself on a plane (for the first time) headed to Rome tests for producer Carlo Ponti and director Vittorio De Sica. She won lead and fretted about all the required stripping. De Sica let her down gently. “You are too Botticellian for the role.” Paris réalisateur Michel Boisrond saw the test and made her Martine Carol’s daughter in Un soir sur la plage. Then, it was non-stop, no vacation for a dozen years during 29 of her 38 screen roles, including being being Louis De Funes’ daughter in the first three Gendarme farces. She later turned organser of cultural events in her town of Vendôme with Annie Chaplin, one of Charlie’s daughters, living nearby in Villechauve.

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