Genevieve Tobin

  1. Bette Davis, Housewife, 1934.  Barbara Stanwyck  and Genevieve Tobin were early choices for  the advert copy writer trying to steal her boss, George Brent, way from his wife, Anna Dvorak.  “My God,” snorted Bette, “what a horror!”  So she refused to turn up for her next Warner Bros trifle, as , Perry Mason’s secretary, Della Street, in The Case of the Howling Dog.  More like the howling movie star!    

  2. Katharine Alexander, The Girl From 10th Avenue, (UK: Men on her Mind), 1935.  Fourth time luck(ier) for the old Boadway play called Outcast. Genevieve Tobin was chosen  for Valenine, but felt it just  wasn’t her. Thank you very much, said Katharine Alexander. The stars were Bette Davis and Ian Hunter. In  the same roles as Miriam Gibson and David Powell in 1917, Powell encore but with Broadway star Elsie Ferguson in 1922 and Corinne Griffth and Edmund Lowe in 1928 (All three retained the Outcast title).  Bette played Miriam… infuriat8ng her nemesis, a certain Miss Hopkins. Tobin was happier with her 40 other roles during 1910-1940.


 Birth year: 1899Death year: 1995Other name: Casting Calls:  2