George Takei

  1. Paul Winfield,  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, 1981.
  2. Leonard Nimoy, The Simpsons #71:  Marge vs the Monorail, TV, 1993.    Since its 1989 birth, the yellowtoon family Simpson smashed records for episodes, audiences, and the most guest stars (as themselves or others). From Buzz Aldrin, Glenn Close (Homer’s Mom), Dennis Franz (Evil Homer!), George Harrison, Stephen Hawking, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Hope, Eric Idle to Paul and Linda McCartney, Conan O’Brien (a Simpsons writer made good), Michelle Pfeiffer, Mickey Rooney, Ringo Starr, Meryl Streep plus Barry (and Betty) White! Not all celebs played baltl… Starfleet’s Takei  refused a second Springfield giug  – because Conan O’Brien’s script mocked public transport. Nimoy subbed. Logical.

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