George Zucco

  1. Tom Conway, Voodoo Woman, 1956.  Many actors, including Voodoo Man’s Zucco, fled from the mad medico creating thge indestructible  female… Nothing that new. Just the 1955 She-Creature make-up design being fiddled about with-  cutting off bits and bobs, tail, pincers, and shoving a blonde wig over a  new skull mask. The result, most everyone agreed, was one of (if not the) worst films ever made.  Director Edward L Cahn made enioufgh of therm… Invasion of the Saucer Men, It – The Terror from Outer Space, Curse of the Faceless Man and, of course, Invisible Invaders. Well, the  cheapest way to show the aliens was not show them! Or not until entered reanimated corpses.  The same  Cahn also helmed Law and Order, 1931, starring Walter Huston and  co-written  by his son, John!

 Birth year: 1886Death year: 1960Other name: Casting Calls:  1