Gertrude Michael

  1. Madge Evans, Men Without Names, 1934.        The barely-known Gertrude was in the frame for Helen in Paramount’s tight crime thriller. She e became better known with 80 credits during 1932-1961… from CB De Mille’s 1933 Cleopatra to a 1958 Perry Mason episode.
  2. Helen Mack, The Milky Way, 1935.   Suddenly, the Jack Oakie vehicle, with Gertrude Michael and Edward Everett Horton, became a Harold Lloyd vehicle with Mack and Adolphe Menjou as his passengers (and Anthony Quinn as an extra). Ten years on, it wasa better  Danny Kaye vehicle called The Kid from Brooklyn

 Birth year: 911Death year: 1964Other name: Casting Calls:  2